Utvecklande kurser hos Barnakademin


En English filmmaking program för barn 8 - 17 år

Längd: 8 veckor
Studietakt: 1 ggr i veckan
Varaktighet: 120 minuter
Plats: ABF huset
Kursstart: 2:a april
Kostnad: 3475 SEK

This program offers a unique experience for kids to practice their English. Led by a native English speaker, children will learn basic filmmaking skills to produce their own short films. Our curriculum is designed for all aspiring filmmakers, regardless of their experience, and emphasizes social engagement, creativity and collaboration.

Om kursledare. Irene Cortes is an interntationally-exhibited video artist, childrens theatre director and author, with a background in English language education. This program began in Canada and has since travelled to South Korea, Spain and now Sweden. With over 5 years experience teaching English, she has instructed over 200 children and continues her work in childrens entertainment and education in Europe.

Kontakta gärna Irene för frågor om kursen mob. 076 206 23 93

Kontakta oss för anmälan och mer information: info@barnakademin.nu